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Hyundai machinery are one of the leading manufactures of construction equipment. They manufacture a wide range of machinery including skid steer loaders, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, and much more.

Heavy Duty Parts Australia can supply the full range of genuine, OEM and aftermarket Hyundai CE parts at competitive prices, to suit any budget and have these delivered to your door fast.

Hyundai CE models we supply parts for include but not limited to:

7 Series Hyundai Excavator:

R15-7, R16-7, R35Z-7, R55-7, R80-7, R110-7, R140LC-7, R160LC-7, R180LC-7, R210LC-7, R250LC-7, R290LC-7, R300LC-7, R320LC-7, R360LC-7, R450LC-7, R500LC-7, R55-7A, R35Z-7A, R80-7A, R110-7A, R140LC-7A, R160LC-7A, R180LC-7A, R210LC-7A, R250LC-7A, R290LC-7A, R300LC-7A, R320LC-7A, R360LC-7A, R450LC-7A, R500LC-7A, R800LC-7A

9 Series Hyundai Excavator:

R16-9, R17-9A, R25Z-9AK, R27Z-9, R35Z-9, R55-9, R60CR-9, R80CR-9, R125LCR-9A, R140LC-9, R140LC-9A, R145CR-9, R160LC-9, R180LC-9, R210LC-9, R220-9S, R235CR-9, R250LC-9, R290LC-9, R300LC-9, R300LC-9S, R320LC-9, R380LC-9, R430LC-9, R480LC-9, R520LC-9, R800LC-9

Hyundai Wheeled Excavator:

R140W-7A, R170W-7A, R200W-7A, R55W-9, R60W-9S, R140W-9, R160W-9, R170W-9, R180W-9, R210W-9

7 Series Hyundai Wheel Loader:

HL730-7, HL740-7, HL740TM-7, HL757-7, HL757TM-7, HL760-7, HL770-7, HL780-7, HL730-7A, HL740-7A, HL740TM-7A, HL757-7A, HL757TM-7A, HL760-7A, HL770-7A, HL780-7A

9 Series Hyundai Wheel Loader:

HL730-9, HL740-9, HL757-9, HL760-9, HL770-9, HL780-9

Hyundai Forklifts – Diesel, Electric and LPG:

All models of Forklifts

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