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Heavy Duty Parts Australia can supply hydraulic final drives for 100’s of models of tracked machines including Excavators, Drill rigs, skid steers and more.

HDPA aftermarket final drives offer the same functionality, performance and quality as the genuine or OEM assembly, but at aftermarket prices! Genuine as well as OEM can be offered in most instances if this is the preferred option.

If it is a Reduction gear or Travel motor required, we can also offer these so please call for to discuss your requirements.

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Final Drive Hydraulic Port Identification

A & B Ports

The A and B ports are usually the largest ports as these are the main inlet/outlet or flow/return ports. If there are four ports on the flange, the A & B ports will be the two in the centre of the flange.

C Ports

Most final drives have C1 and C2 ports or case drain ports. These are located on either side to the left and right of the A & B ports. When two C ports are present, they are interconnected meaning that either one can be used to change the position of the drain port. The uppermost port should be attached to the case drain hose and the bottom port should be plugged. Never attach a pressurised hose to this port as this can cause both hydraulic and mechanical failure.

D Ports

Two speed final drive motors will also include a D port, the smallest port. Its location may vary but is commonly placed on the front of the flange, centred above the A & B ports. The D port is occasionally placed on the back or side of the flange.

Fitment Guide

For correct fitment of a non-genuine final drive, or for an application where the machines genuine details may not be available, please submit this fitment guide so we can offer a compatible unit.

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